Sewage & Sanitation

The Borough of Heidelberg presently has a treatment agreement with Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN), which treats all of the sanitary sewage generated from within Heidelberg. This agreement eliminates the need for a treatment plant in the Borough. The Borough operates and maintains over 15 miles of sanitary and storm sewer lines within Heidelberg. The system is primarily financed from sanitary sewer customer’s fees. Few tax dollars are used for the operation of the Borough’s sanitary sewers.

The operation of the Heidelberg Borough Sewer System is governed by the adopted Operation and Maintenance Program Plan. The plan is available for public review in the Office of the Borough Manager.

Heidelberg Borough’s sewer system is required by law through an Allegheny County Health Department Consent Order to conduct various preventive maintenance measures and repairs. The consent order requires Heidelberg to clean, televise and map our sewer system and repair significant defects; conduct a hydraulic capacity design evaluation; develop an operation and maintenance plan; develop a sanitary sewer overflow response plan; conduct flow monitoring; and develop a feasibility study to evaluate ways to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows. 61 municipalities and 14 authorities within Allegheny County are within this consent order; the goal of this order is to solve the problem of raw sewage backups and to limit overflowing into rivers, creeks and streams.