Forms & Permits

Portable Storage / Portable Refuse Storage PermitPortable Storage / Portable Refuse Storage PermitUse this form to propose placement of temporary storage and refuse storage structures.
Dye Test Certification FormDye Test Certification FormYou are required to complete a dye test certification form for all property transfers within the Borough of Heidelberg. The fee for the certification is $25.00 and made payable to the Borough of Heidelberg.
Occupancy Permit Application Occupancy Permit ApplicationCurrent owner or the agent for the current owner is responsible for completing the application for the Occupancy Permit.
Variance Application Variance ApplicationThis application must be filled out in triplicate. The original shall be deposited with the Secretary of the Zoning Hearing Board and a copy with the Building Inspector. A copy of the plan of real estate affected showing location and size of lot, the size of improvements now erected or proposed to be erected, or other change desired, together with any other information required by the Zoning Hearing Board, must be attached to each copy of this application. If more space is required, attach a separate sheet to each copy of this application and make specific reference to the question being answered.
Solicitation Permit Solicitation PermitYou must include two copies of official identification and a copy of the latest criminal background check.
Zoning Permit ApplicationApplication for Building and/or Zoning Permit-Describe building lot in a survey or sketch drawn to scale, giving the exact location. -Describe type of structure to be built and its intended use. Sketch must include: (a) overall outside dimension of building; and (b) the exact location where the intended structure shall be placed on the lot, and the distances from each side of the building to the nearest lot line and from the front of the building to the center of the street -Approved work or use must commence within 6 months of the above date of decision.
Sign Permit Application Sign Permit ApplicationTwo (2) copies of scaled and accurate sign drawings must been submitted with the application. Provide attachment and foundation details where applicable.
Shed / Fence Permit Application Shed / Fence Permit ApplicationUse this application for approval to build a shed or fence.
Vacation Watch Request Vacation Watch RequestProvide the details of your property and the date ranges you will be gone. Once added to the database, your property will be added of the list of vacation watches for officers to check on.
Mechanical Amusement Device License Mechanical Amusement Device LicenseSubmit this application for a Mechanical Amusement Device License.
Demolition Permit Demolition PermitUse this application to apply for a demolition permit. Residential fee is $50.00. Commercial fee is $100.00.
Tenant Registration Application Tenant Registration ApplicationUse only one form per property.
Building Permit ApplicationBuilding Permit ApplicationBuilding Inspection Underwriters of PA, Inc.
F. Daniel Felton
Tel: (412) 766-2565
Fax: (412) 766-2711
Building Code Official (Toll Free): (800) 922-6062
Heidelberg Community Room Rental ApplicationHeidelberg Community Room Rental ApplicationApplication, procedures and regulations agreement for Community Room rental. 
Heidelberg Park Pavilion Rental ApplicationHeidelberg Park Pavilion Rental ApplicationApplication, procedures and regulations agreement for Park Pavilion rental. 
Municipal Lien Letter ApplicationMunicipal Lien Letter ApplicationRequest for Municipal Claim Letter.