Oct 29 1:30pm TEEN Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt


Come join us for our FIRST Halloween scavenger hunt! October 29 | 1:30 pm

This is for kids ages 12-18 ONLY
(please do not bring anyone younger or older)

This is a spooky scavenger hunt around the WHOLE neighborhood. Our chilling assistants will be hiding coffin shaped boxes all around the neighborhood for you to find! Some will have candy and others will have prizes! Work in groups or fly solo in trying to figure out our clues in order to find the coffins!

Before showing up, please read the rules below to fully understand what you will be involved in AND the rules we expect you to follow in order to participate. 

Some key things to remember:

  • Anyone participating in the scavenger hunt MUST have a cell phone for communication purposes
  • No cars allowed. You must walk around to find clues
  • Bring a bag to put the coffins in


Rules / Dos and Don’ts:

This event is being sponsored by State Rep. Dan Deasy!

While this is a fun and exciting event, there are rules that must be followed in order to allow us to do this event again next year. So please be patient and listen up so we can let the fun begin!

While on the scavenger hunt, please remember you are traveling around the WHOLE neighborhood. Please obey all traffic laws in order to stay safe.

Walk on the sidewalks not the streets.

When you cross the road, remember to look both ways TWICE just for your safety 🙂


We have ghosts all around watching you, if they see anyone breaking the rules or being violent with each other, you will be asked to leave and will not receive any prizes.

It is important that you have a phone so we are able to communicate with each other. This will help both parties.

You will be responsible for telling us if a prize is found. When you tell us, we will be able to send out a mass message to all participants letting everyone know what prizes were found and what prizes are left!

Before we release you, we are going to tell you where coffins can be hidden and where they won’t be. We will also be giving out some hints and tips to help you along the way.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for searching:


  • Check the parks, street corners, signs & sitting areas. Also around areas such as the fire department, police station and borough building
  • Text the number on the Coffin back to Head Quarters (Riley) for tracking purposes
  • Work together. If you are hunting in a group, help each other find prize Coffins. Teamwork makes the dream work


  • Look on private property. Private property consists of peoples house, yard, mailboxes and cars. Coffins WILL NOT BE HID THERE
  • Report more than one Coffin with a number, only one large prize per person. (Candy is fair game)
  • Put your hands on anyone. There will be no fighting, pushing, kicking or punching over Coffins .

If we hear or see anyone breaking the rules, you will be disqualified and your prize WILL be revoked

Once all the coffins have been found, a mass text will go out letting you know the hunt is OVER!

We encourage you to come back to the fire hall to reunite with your family and friends to enjoy the rest of the activities!

Good luck and happy hunting! 


Oct 29 2023


1:30 pm


Heidelberg VFD
456 First St., Heidelberg, PA 15106