Borough Boards & Commissions

Civil Service Commission

6 Year Term

The Heidelberg Borough Civil Service Commission comprises three individuals and two alternates whose main task is to administer the civil service exam for Police Officers. These volunteers are responsible for preparing eligibility lists which are presented to Borough Council for hiring consideration. This independent Commission also oversees promotional tests for the Police Department.

Planning Commission

4 Year Term

The Heidelberg Borough Planning Commission reviews “proposed Ordinances pertaining to the location of any public buildings or the location or relocation of any street, road, park, playground or parkway” in the Borough. The five members of the Planning Commission work closely with the Borough Director of Planning, Zoning and Code Enforcement to scrutinize proposed Ordinances before making recommendations to Borough Council.

Zoning Hearing Board

3 Year Term

The Zoning Hearing Board is a three-member Board which hears appeals of decisions made by the Borough Building Inspector.

Recreation & Community Affairs Board

5 Year Term

The 9-member Recreation & Community Affairs Board works to plan and host a multitude of activities throughout the year for residents including Clean Up Day, Borough-wide Garage Sale days, Summer Family Fun Nights, and the Halloween Parade.

Nuisance Property Appeals Board

The Nuisance Property Appeal Board consists of three residents with professional backgrounds in construction and engineering who shall serve terms of one year, two years and three years. Residents wishing to appeal Borough decisions under the Property Maintenance Code do so to the Nuisance Property Appeals Board.